Ledit LED Modular Super Bright low watt Light Strip 12v 2.16w

Ledit LED Modular Super Bright low watt Light Strip 12v 2.16w
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LEDit L.E.D. light strip. 12v.

Available in three lengths:

  • 300mm  12v 1.44 watts
  • 500mm  12v 2.16 watts
  • 1100mm  12v 4.32 watts

This amazing light strip can be connected or daisy-chained together to make longer lengths.

Peel-off adhesive strip backing for simple mounting on overhead surfaces or can be screw-mounted. Complete with alcohol wipe for fitting. Delivered in a sturdy card tube.

Ideal for use in rear of vehicles but also commonly used in kitchens, motorhomes and any area with poor lighting.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Plan the layout of the iights and powerfeed prior to fitting.
  2. Clean the area where the light strip is to be fitted with a damp cloth first, then with the alcohol wipe provided in the kit.
  3. Peel off the protective cover from the double-sided tape, taking care not to touch the sticky side. Make sure you have the strip the correct way round, then stick into the required position.
  4. Take the feed wire and place the feed connector into the light connector.
  5. The end of the feed wire can be wired into an existing courtesy light (if available). If no courtesy light is available, then the feed can be wired into an existing 12v feed. Brown wire = positive. Blue wire = negative.
  6. Use wire clips to secure feed wire if required.
  7. Extra lights can simply be plugged into the existing light strip - join the connectors. Then remove tape backing and stick into place as installation above.

Kit Contents:

  • Packing tube
  • Light strip
  • Feed wire
  • Light strip feed
  • Feed wire connector
  • Strip joining connector
  • Alcohol wipe
  • Wire clip